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Rishi Kapoor vs Pakistani Women Twitter War !

Rishi Kapoor vs Pakistani Women Twitter War over Kulbhushan Jadhav conviction. It is all over the news that Pakistan has declared death penalty to former Indian Navy officer Kulbhushan Jadhav under the alleged charges of spying. Rishi Kapoor is amongst many others who are not supporting the decision and has not minced his words while on a social media platform.

The acclaimed actor got slammed for voicing his opinion on Twitter. The actor was merely trying to spell out the facts from the Indian perspective. Through his tweets he did state that India was always trying to broker peace, through actors, films, sports etc., with Pakistan, but only got hatred in return! He emphasized in hindi that it takes 2 hands to clap.

The reaction fromĀ  few Pakistani users was shocking with numerous hate tweets targeted towards Rishi Kapoor. This is what Verteran actor Rishi Kapoor for just being honest and speaking his mind!

However Rishi Kapoor too gave it back to the haters in equal brevity but at no stage did he cross the boundaries of web decency. Most of the hate tweets were abusive in nature and it was surprisingly from Pakistani women!

Rishi Kapoor is not new to Twitter controversies, as it has happened many times in the past too with him right at the epicenter. However, Rishi Kapoor had earlier stated that he will not turn a blind eye to hate tweets that are abusive. He will give it back to the people appropriately and will spare no effort to expose them.


Rishi Kapoor was furious that these people who abuse him are actually his followers on Twitter. On one hand they are his followers and on the other other they abuse him, totally hypocritical. Why do you follow someone if you have abusive thoughts of about him. The Kapoor’s anger is justified and we feel that his backlash in this instance was quite the order of the day!

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Rishi Kapoor vs Pakistani Women Twitter War!