Daniel Craig is back on the driver’s seat

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We are not familiar with the distributor. We are not familiar about the plot of the film. & we are not familiar about the title of the movie. But we are familiar with the 25th official James Bond movie (not counting Never Say Never Again) exists &, thanks to MGM & EON Productions, it now has a date on it’s release. If you’re inclined to schedule things way in before hand, do note that the next 007 thriller will debut in North American theatres on November 8, 2019. Oh, & we now also know who will be the lead actor in the film, but more on that in a moment.

That’s not exactly unexpected, mind you. We haven’t been indulged with a Bond summer movie since License to Kill back in 1989. Of course, Tomorrow Never Dies opened on the weekend before Christmas, right alongside Titanic (& notched a five-x multiplier as a result), but otherwise 7 of the last 8 007 movies have opened in early-to-mid November just before the Thanksgiving holiday. & this untitled offering is no different, opening on the 7th anniversary of Skyfall. Stick with what works, until it doesn’t have the zing anymore, well that is the theory anyway.
The New York Times have informed us that Daniel Craig is back on the driver’s seat, so I guess that’s almost as good as on official 007 press release. I’ve long expected a upright official announcements timed with the release of Steven Soderbergh’s Lucky Logan in mid-August. Let’s be straightforward. With the exception of this stunner of a development, Craig was always going to come back as long as he has not lost the goods his fans expect him to deliver.


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