World Rugby Nations Cup Final Day Review

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World Rugby Nations Cup Final Day Review

World Rugby Nations Cup Final Day Review

Uruguay are World Rugby Nations Cup Champions. Los Teros won the title at home on Sunday, defeating Spain 24-14. Combined with earlier wins over both Emerging Italy and Russia it meant Uruguay was the only undefeated team in the competition.

  1. Nambia 10 vs 31 Russia

On June 18th, Sunday

1st Half

Both these teams were chasing spots at Rugby World Cup 2019 & was a noteworthy fixture. Namibia went having lost verses Spain while the Russians had been defeated by Uruguay late in the 2nd half of Wednesday.

Russia were in full control throughout the game. The points were first scored I the 12th minute. The Siberian flier Denis Simplikevich was the scorer on that occasion.

3 minutes later Russia scored again. 2nd rower Bodgan Fedotko’s score was converted by fly half Yuri Kushnarev. This took Uruguay’s lead to 12-0.

Chrisayder Botha opened for Nambia. Russia did not panic and they reached 19-5 by half time.

2nd half

The Europeans made quick work of adding to their score. Vasily Arteyev & prop Vladimir Podrezov’s tries put the Bears in a great position.

Gino Wilson tried for Nambia . that was it.

The scoring

Nambia 10

Tries by C. Botha, G. Wilson

Russia 31

Tries by D. Simplikevich, B. Fedotko, Penalty Try, V. Artemiev, V. Podrezov

Cons by Y. Kushnarev 2

  1. Argentina XV 15 vs 10 Emerging Italy

Took place on Sunday, June 18

This was far from impressive but a win is a win. It was a low scoring match with both teams unable to handle the ball well.

It all started with the yellow carding of Pierre Bruno to open the scoring. The Argentina XV made use of the numerical superiority to score. Winger Franco Cuaranta crossed for the game’s first try. It was then converted by Jaguar Joaquín Díaz Bonilla.

Matteo Minozzi came to help his team equalize the score. The conversion was on target but the Argentina XV did not give away the lead as Díaz Bonilla got a penalty.

It was in the 47th minute when Santiago Medrano was yellow carded & Emerging Italy looked to Leonardo Mantelli. He was successful and score read 10-10.

Ignacio Larrague came in. The Jaguares 2nd rower barged his way over in the 76th minute to see the Argentina XV to a nervous victory.

The scoring

Argentina XV 15

Tries by F. Cuaranta, I. Larrague

Cons by J. Díaz Bonilla

Pens by J. Díaz Bonilla

Emerging Italy 10

Tries by M. Minozzi

Cons by L. Mantelli

Pens by L. Mantelli

  1. Uruguay 24 vs 14 Spain

On Sunday, June 18

Uruguay’s historic Nations Cup title came with the result of 24-14. For most part of the match Los Teros were the better side. The solid halves combination from Santiago Arata and Felipe Berchesi worked goodl behind a dominant Teros scrum.

The scrum saw Berchesi lining up penalties in both halves of the match. Spain’s Brad Linklater was called to help level the scoring. Halfway through the match it was Berchesi with 3 & Linklater 1.

In the 2nd half the play was more exciting.  Scoring the game’s 1st try was scrum-half Santiago Arata. His selection was questioned earlier. Arata’s performance has been excellent. His try was the best of the tournament & 1 of the best individual scores likely to be made all year. Aged 20, he ran from well within his own half, broke tackles, chipped forward, regathered & went foward to score.

Berchesi converted in the 41st minute. Linklater got Spain back to within a change. 2 penalties from the fly half made it 16-9 to Uruguay with just over a quarter remaining.

Appearing to be heading toward a win, Uruguay turned down a shot at goal to kick for the corner. Andrés Vilaseca misjudged his strike that saw Spain let off lightly. Spain scored in the left corner after a while. 2nd rower Victor Sánchez finished off a counter-attacking play to make it 19-14 with 10 minutes left to play.

Winger Leandro Leivas’ 77th minute try sealed the win. Levis went over to just touch down in the right corner. It was unconverted but it matter as Uruguay led by ten points.

The scoring

Uruguay 24

Tries by S. Arata, L. Leivas

Cons by F. Berchesi

Pens by F. Berchesi 3

Spain 14

Tries by V. Sánchez

Cons by B. Linklater 3

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World Rugby Nations Cup Final Day Review


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