Robert Mueller Investigating President Donald Trump

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Robert Mueller Investigating President Donald Trump

U.S. Justice Division special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating President Donald Trump for being a hindrance to justice, as reported by The Washington Post yesterday.

Mueller will as early as this week be talking in depth with 3 top intelligence officials as part of the probe, the Post reported, citing “5 people briefed on the requests.”

The 3 officials the Post says Mueller is going to be interviewing are listed below

  1. Dan Coats – Director of National Intelligence
  2. Mike Rogers – National Security Agency Director
  3. Richard Ledgett, erstwhile deputy NSA director.

Coats will also will be interrogated by the  members of the Senate intelligence committee on Thursday, one week after his stressed grilling by the panel.

It is the most noteworthy indication yet that Mueller’s investigation is extending outside the area of questions of Russian interference in the last concluded election.

The news coincides with the other story, as heard from Chris Ruddy (Trump’s friend) implying the possibility that Trump would fire Mueller, who was appointed to head up the investigation after Trump sacked FBI Director James Comey.

Mark Corallo, the media front for Trump’s private attorney, Marc Kasowitz, without delay condemned the Post report.

Trump himself termed the report “phony” in a Thursday morning tweet.

Trump wrote in his letter firing Comey that the erstwhile FBI director had revealed to him on 3 separate occasions he was not under any form of scrutiny. The President has emphasised that he was never under investigation, and has taken to Twitter to dismiss the whole investigation theory as a hoax.

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