House Majority Leader Steve Scalise Shot – Republic Baseball Practice close to Washington DC

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House Majority Leader Steve Scalise Shot – Republic Baseball Practice close to Washington DC

Steve Scalise represents Louisiana’s first congressional district at the US House of Representatives , and is a member of the Republican party.
Mr Scalise, 51, is reported to have been gunned down by an unknown gunman at a baseball training in the vicinity of Washington DC on Wednesday morning.
Mr Scalise served in the Louisiana State Senate for 4 months and spent 12 years in the Louisiana House of Representatives before joining the House of Representatives
Mr Scalise, an erstwhile systems engineer, was chosen to serve as Majority Whip of the United States House of Representatives way back in 2014.
He is a staunch follower of President Donald Trump, certified his bid as the Republican party’s presidential candidate and supported him on the executive order for the contentious travel ban.
He has voted with Mr Trump on most of the Congress motions, including taking down the Dodd-Frank financial regulations, and withholding Affordable Care Act aids from people until their citizenship is established.
In the instantaneous repercussion of the shooting, Mr Trump tweeted calling him “a true friend and loyalist”. Mr Scalise is the Number three House Republican leader.
Representative Mo Brooks, also a Republican, said quite a few other people also were hit, including 2 police officers. Brooks said that Mr Scalise was gunned down with what Brooks explained as “a hip wound.”
Mr Scalise has been married for 12 years to his wife, Jennifer.  On his personal site, he talks about himself as a proud father of 2 children, Madison and Harrison. He lives in Jefferson, Louisiana alongwith his family.
Arizona Senator Jeff Flake says that he immediately called Mrs Scalise and appraised her of the situation.

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